Still Off-Base About Race Masterclass



Why are we STILL OFF-BASE ABOUT RACE in the United States and the world?

The question may seem simple, but its answer is more complex than many imagine. There is still enormous anger and confusion surrounding the issue of race in our culture. Why is it such a difficult matter to talk about? And why is racial justice so difficult to achieve? Evidence of the problem has become blatantly obvious; resolution of the problem still poses a challenge.

In Still Off-Base About Race by Dr. Michael Reynolds, you will dive deep into the elaborate (and often chilling) history behind the fight for racial justice in America. From a pastor’s perspective, Dr. Reynolds enables you to take a look at the hardships and pain African Americans have suffered—and are currently suffering—in our nation.

Dr. Reynolds addresses five topics that will open your eyes to the realities of (and solutions to) this national problem: Biology (how the term “race” came to be); Sociology (why race shouldn’t exist); Anthropology (how to be inclusive of all God’s children); History (from the early 1600s to present day); and Theology (how we should look at race through God’s eyes).

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